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Discussion Paper: The Scaling of Responsible AI in Healthcare - AMS Healthcare Conference

May 7, 2024

Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence: Release of the detailed report on the state of care in Canada, featuring new data collected in CCCE’s National Caregiving Survey completed by over 3,000 caregivers and care providers across the country.

May 1, 2024

Perspectives on Growing Older in Canada: The 2023 NIA Ageing in Canada Survey

January 2024

NIA: Understanding the Factors Driving the Epidemic of Social Isolation and Loneliness among Older Canadians

November 2023

CIHI: Wait Times for Home Care Services

November 2023

NIA Research Proposal to Create a Virtual Long-Term Care @ Home Program Shortlisted to Receive Inaugural Hunter Prize for Public Policy

August 2023

NIA: We Don’t Ask, They Don’t Tell: Breaking the Silence to Address Incontinence in Canada

June 2023

NIA: Caring for an Ageing Australia

April 2023

Perspectives on Growing Older in Canada: The 2022 NIA Ageing in Canada Survey

December 2022

Personal Support Work and Home Care in Ontario during the COVID 19 Pandemic

October 2022
Pamela Hopwood, et al

NIA: Ageing in the Right Place: Supporting Older Canadians to Live Where They Want

October 2022

Toward an Integrated Strategy for Care in the Home for Frail Elders

October 2022

A generational portrait of Canada’s aging population from the 2021 Census

April 2022

Making Canada the best place in the world to age by 2030: a senior-centric strategy


IRPP - Kick-Starting Reform In Long-Term Care

August 2021

Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure: Seniors’ Care After COVID-19

December 2021
C. D. Howe Institute

NIA: National Seniors Strategy 2020 Report


Ageing Well Report, Don Drummond et al

November 2020

Integrated Care in Ontario: Unicorn or Black Swan?

February 2020

Engaging older adults with complex health and social needs, and their caregivers, to improve hospital-to-home transitions in Ontario – McMaster Health Forum

November 2019

CIHI: Dementia in Home and Community Care


No Place Like Home: Advancing the Safety of Care in the Home - IHI


The Generation of Integration: The Early Experience of Implementing Bundled Care in Ontario, Canada


CIHI-Seniors in Transition: Exploring Pathways Across the Care Continuum


An Evidence-Informed National Seniors Strategy for Canada

January 2016

Harmonized Principles for Home Care

August 2016
Shared values from the Canadian Home Care Association.

Connecting the Dots for Patients: Family Doctors’ Views on Coordinating Patient Care

June 1, 2016
Health Quality Ontario has released a new report based on the 2015 Commonwealth Fund International Health Policy Survey of Primary Care Doctors showing that family doctors in Ontario report a lower percentage of regular communication with home care and community services than family doctors in the rest of Canada and internationally.

Palliative and End-Of-Life Care Provincial Roundtable Report

March 2016
A Report from Parliamentary Assistant John Fraser to the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care.

Special Report: Community Care Access Centres—Financial Operations and Service Delivery

September 23, 2015
Report from the Office of the Auditor General of Ontario. The AG concluded that that way in which CCACs operate and deliver services needs to be revisited.

Patients First: A Roadmap to Strengthen Home and Community Care

May 13, 2015
Ontario Government's plan to improve and expand home and community care.

Family Caregiving

Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence: Release of the detailed report on the state of care in Canada, featuring new data collected in CCCE’s National Caregiving Survey completed by over 3,000 caregivers and care providers across the country.

May 1, 2024

Ontario Caregiver Organization – 2023 Spotlight Report: 5 Year Retrospective 2019-2023

December 2023

Ontario Caregiver Organization – 2022 Spotlight Report

December 2022

Implementing Coordinated Care Networks: The Interplay of Individual and Distributed Leadership Practices

November 2021

Ontario Caregiver Organization – 2021 Spotlight Report

November 2021

CIHI: 1 in 3 Unpaid Caregivers in Canada are Distressed

August 2020

Patient and caregiver experience in the transition from hospital to home


Ontario Caregiver Organization – 2020 Spotlight Report

December 2020

Potential for Digital Monitoring to Enhance Wellbeing at Home for People with Mild Dementia and Their Family Carers

December 2019

Relieving the Burden of Navigating Health and Social Services for Older Adults and Caregivers

November 2019

The Caregiver Wishlist: Caring for the Mental Health of Ontario Caregivers

2019 Ontario Caregiver Organization

Ontario Caregiver Organization – 2019 Spotlight Report

November 2019

NIA: Why Canada Needs to Better Care for Its Working Caregivers

March 2018

Ontario Caregiver Coalition Newsletter

August 2018

Expanding Caregiver Support in Ontario

March 8, 2018
Just released - Janet Beed's June 2017 Advice to the Honourable Eric Hoskins, MOHLTC.

Carers of Persons with Heart Failure-A Four Nation Study-IACO2017

Ontario Caregiver Coalition Newsletter

December 2017

Caregiver Personas in Ontario – The Change Foundation, Ontario Caregiver Organization, Pollara Strategic Insights