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Accessing Home Care in Ontario

Ontarians want access to home care so that they can live, recuperate or spend their last days surrounded by loved ones in a setting that is familiar to them. 

Government-Funded Home Care Services

In Ontario, publicly-funded home care falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health (MOH). The MOH is the steward of the Ontario health system.  Local government funded health services are planned and funded by HCCSS – Home & Community Care Support Services (formerly the LHINs).

HCCSS provides access to government-funded home and community services and to long-term care homes.  A good and recommended first step is to contact your HCCSS or call 310-2222 (no area code required). HCCSS staff are known as case managers or care coordinators and will determine eligibility for you or for your family member.  Care is delivered by service provider organizations, many of whom are members of Home Care Ontario.  These service provider organizations are accredited and meet the high standards of excellence that are set by the provincial government.

Family-Funded Home Care Services

More and more, families will also retain family-funded home care services for loved ones as a way to supplement and enhance the amount of care provided by the publicly-funded home care system.  Additional family-funded home care provision can improve the quality of life at home for the care recipient and their family members.  Home Care Ontario members will always ensure that you have fully explored the opportunity for publicly-funded HCCSS care and/or have considered other existing potential funding sources that you may have such as Veteran’s Affairs, private insurance, or employer benefit plans. 

Find a Home Care Ontario Provider

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