Home Care Ontario urges funding solution

by Home Care Ontario | Jan 06, 2017

Home Care Ontario urges the federal and provincial partners to quickly negotiate a way forward to determine a solid foundation for the future funding of the health care system.  Both parties recognize the importance and critical need for increased access to home care and are committed to increasing investment to the sector.

Federal funding, in the form of increased health transfers payments, is urgently required to support:

  • first dollar coverage for palliative patients and end-of-life care at home
  • more seniors to stay in their own homes, rather than be admitted  to acute care or institutional care
  • respite for family caregivers who are vital to the success and sustainability of Ontario’s home care program.

Progressive health care systems invest in home care and primary care, thus achieving better health outcomes for citizens.   The Ontario government has pledged to transform its provincial health care system through legislative reform to one that is home-based, patient-centered and provides value to thousands who rely on care at home.  Increased federal funding is  critical to this plan and is an opportunity to signal, and support deep reform, at the provincial level.   An appropriately resourced federal-provincial agreement has, therefore, significant potential to achieve a monumental and historic change for the sector and for Ontarians who rely heavily on the system.

Home Care Ontario members, who understand the needs of patients on a daily basis, are committed and willing to support all levels of government to leverage this opportunity for increased access to the home care system. 

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