Auditor General notes longstanding ALC concern

by Home Care Ontario | Dec 01, 2016

Home Care Ontario welcomes yesterday’s release of the Auditor General of Ontario's (AGO) Annual Report.  While home care was not a focus this year, the Association sees opportunities to address.  Of note is the alternate level of care (ALC) concern, particularly pertaining to those waiting for home care - 15% (609 patients) on March 31, 2016.

Data shows that while the publicly funded home care sector is serving more people year over year, the complexity of care needs has dramatically risen.  Home Care Ontario believes that it is time to increase the percentage of home care funding relative to the total health care budget to 6%.  This will provide an estimated $600M to create the necessary change to provide timely service to those who need home care, including those waiting in hospital and to provide them with the right mix of services to address the complexity of needs. 

Addressing the ALC issue requires continued active collaboration of all health system partners.  Home Care Ontario has long suggested that care before administration would be a strategy for addressing bottlenecks within the system.  In addition, it is also vital Home Care Providers be connected to the rest of the e-health system to enable timely sharing of information. 

Home Care Ontario commits to further studying the Report to determine where additional contribution can be made.  The Association will also  undertake to work with partners to tackle the longstanding ALC concern and in so doing address unnecessary costs and most importantly, put patients first. 

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