Home Care Ontario welcomes commitment for frontline care in Speech from the Throne

by Home Care Ontario | Sep 12, 2016

Home Care Ontario commends the government for reaffirming the importance of home care in today's Throne Speech.  Acknowledging that many Ontarians are “caring for family who want to stay at home as they grow older” the government promised to further improve patient care and health system sustainability. 

The reintroduction of Bill 210, the Patients First Act, underpins the necessary reforms to improve access to home and community care.  Home Care Ontario welcomes the specific commitment to better dementia support, expansion of hospice and palliative care, and to home and community care, including access on reserve.

The government has been a strong advocate for home care in Ontario.  The Association advises that the structural and functional change in Bill 210 be addressed swiftly.  This will allow greater focus on the amount and nature of care provided and related outcomes for individuals and their families.

Health care is one of the largest services provided by government and a major source of employment for Ontarians.  It is also a significant priority for Ontario’s aging population.  A responsive and efficient home care sector is vital to Ontarians who want improved access so that they can recuperate or spend their last days surrounded by loved ones at home in their communities.

Home Care Ontario commits to working collaboratively with the government and health system partners to implement effective strategies to realize the right mix of care in order to keep Ontarians at home.

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