Accord dollars will enable more care at home

by Home Care Ontario | Aug 22, 2016

Home Care Ontario encourages the Government to use promised federal funding for home care in key priority areas in Ontario.  Specifically, the funds need to be directed to increase the amount of health care delivery in the home. 

The federal funding must be used to enable an expansion of end-of-life care at home so that families receive the resources and support they need in order to keep a loved one comfortable at home.

Additionally, funds need to be used to better serve seniors who are “on the fringe” of crisis and/or admission to facility based care; and/or those in hospital who need extra support in order to return safely to the community.  This is crucial to reducing health system expenditures and, most importantly, time spent in the acute care sector because of no other reasonable options.

Home Care Ontario believes that Ontario’s share of the federal funding for home care will serve as a catalyst to realizing the transformation envisioned through the Patients First Strategy.  The Association will continue to work with health system partners to ensure that precious funding is used to improve excellence in frontline home care. 

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