Public Opinion Polls

Home Care Ontario uses monthly polls to gather information from the public as a means of informing advocacy and initiatives. 


  • 57% of respondents believe that privately retained home care should be HST exempt (Winter 2015/16). 
  • 25% of respondents believe that  assets (means) testing is a good way to determine who should receive publicly funded home care (Nov 2014)
  • 100% of respondents are purchasing care to supplement CCAC funded service in order to keep a senior at home. (Dec 2014) 


  • 55% of respondents are pleased that the Ontario Government is moving forward with home care reform (Summer 2016)
    • 13% are not sure
    • 24% do not know anything about it
  • 64% of respondents "know how to access home care" (Jun 2015).  In 2009 48% said they would know how to access home care. 

Models of Service

  • 88% of respondents believe a new model of home care is required in Ontario (Oct 2014)
  • 88% of respondents would be willing to talk to a home care worker via Skype or similar service. (March 2015)
  • 74% of respondents would choose to self-direct their own care if given the opportunity  (Summer 2015)

Care Issues

  • 79% of respondents believe that  early testing for dementia be publicly funded. 14% do not support use of public funds of this and 7% are not sure. (Jan 2015)
  • 71% of respondents are actively taking measures to guard against dementia.  29% do not know what to do. (Feb 2015)
  • 70% of respondents do NOT have a documented end-of-life plan. (Apr/May 2015)


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