Submissions made by Home Care Ontario

  • Home Care Ontario 2018 Pre-Budget Submission
    • Type: .pdf
    • Size: 9795720
    January 17, 2018 The Home Care Ontario 2018 Pre-Budget Submission is presented to committee on January 19, 2018 in Windsor, Ontario.
  • Bill 148 -The Misalignment with Patients First
    • Type: .pdf
    • Size: 275352
    July 14, 2017 Home Care Ontario's Submission to the Standing Committee regarding Bill 148 - Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017.
  • The Road Home, Home Care Ontario's 2017 Pre-Budget Submission
    • Type: .pdf
    • Size: 124451
    December 1, 2016: Home Care Ontario's pre-budget recommendations to support the government’s agenda of “putting patients first.” See Infographic
  • Presentation on Bill 41, Patients First Act, 2016
    • Type: .pdf
    • Size: 174589
    Nov 14, 2016: In this submission to the Standing Committee on the Legislative Assembly, Home Care Ontario welcomes the opportunity for front line Home Care Providers to work directly with the LHINs. The Association offers recommnedations as well.
  • Letter to Minister Hoskins re federal home care funding
    • Type: .pdf
    • Size: 122477
    April 18, 2016: Letter to Minister Hoskins suggesting that the promised federal funding in home care be directed to the frontline in order to increase the amount and quality of care in the home.
  • RN Prescribing Submission to HPRAC
    • Type: .pdf
    • Size: 272289
    February 2016: Joint Home Care Ontario / OCSA submission to HPRAC recommending that independent RN prescribing within the home care sector be thoughtfully introduced as other critical dependencies are addressed.
  • PreBudget Submission 2016
    • Type: .pdf
    • Size: 180066
    January 18, 2016: Home Care Ontario Pre-Budget Submission to the Standing Committee on Finance & Economic Affairs.
  • Oral Budget Presentation 2016
    • Type: .pdf
    • Size: 96301
    January 12, 2016: Remarks by CEO Sue VanderBent at the Ministry of Finance PreBudget Consultations. (Check against delivery)
  • Supplementary-Changing Workplace Review
    • Type: .pdf
    • Size: 159710
    Nov 2, 2015: Supplementary information provided to the MOL Changing Workplaces Review Consultations.
  • Submission to the WSIB Rate Framework Reform Consultations
    • Type: .pdf
    • Size: 310999
    October 2015: An overview of home care service provision in Ontario and commentary on the proposal to discontinue the Second Injury Enhancement Fund (SIEF).
  • Submission to Ministry of Labour Consultations: Changing Workplaces Review
    • Type: .pdf
    • Size: 294026
    September 10, 2015: Home Care Ontario recommendations represent the perspectives of home care service provision, a growing area of work within health care.
  • On-Line Response: Elderly Persons Centres Program
    • Type: .pdf
    • Size: 197360
    August 2015: On-line submission to the consultations on the Elderly Persons Centres Program Review
  • Submission to Proposed Amendments to Regulation 386
    • Type: .pdf
    • Size: 318574
    July 17, 2015: Home Care Ontario believes that all strategies to allocate limited home care resources must be based on clinically sound evidence that considers the care needs of individual clients, broader health populations and the impact on the function of the entire health care system. While increased nursing service is important, funding is best applied when it supports outcome based care.
  • PreBudget Submission
    • Type: .pdf
    • Size: 249273
    January 30, 2015: Home Care Ontario 2015 Pre-Budget submission to the Ministry of Finance consultations.
  • Advancing Home and Community - Submission to the Home and Community Care Expert Group, 2014
    • Type: .pdf
    • Size: 478871
    November 7, 2014: A detailed response to the call by the Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care appointed Home and Community Care Expert Group for information about what is working well and where improvements can be made in the sector.
  • Presentation to Standing Committee on General Government regarding Bill 18
    • Type: .pdf
    • Size: 284655
    October 30, 2014: Home Care Ontario offered recommendations that would address concerns and enable prompt passage of Bill 18, Stronger Workplaces for a Stronger Economy Act, 2014.
  • Briefing Note on Bill 18, Stronger Workplaces for a Stronger Economy Act, 2014,
    • Type: .pdf
    • Size: 210034
    October 2, 2014: Home Care Ontario seeks exemption from Schedule 5 within Bill 18 in favour of continuing to be responsible for their staff Workplace Safety and Insurance.
  • 4 Point Plan - The Case for Home Care
    • Type: .pdf
    • Size: 90302
    May 2014: Home Care Ontario plan to strengthen home care in Ontario - submitted to all parties in the 2014 election
  • Proposed Temporary Help Agency legislation has the potential to jeopardize health and social care in Ontario
    • Type: .pdf
    • Size: 232174
    May 2, 2014: Home Care Service Provider Organizations are at risk of being directly affected by two pieces of legislation under consideration: Bill 146, Stronger Workplaces for a Stronger Economy Act, 2014, and Bill 159, Employment Standards Amendment Act (Temporary Help Agencies), 2014. These two bills have the potential to seriously compromise the health and social care provided to thousands of Ontarians across the province.
  • Home Care Ontario Submission re the Local Health System Integration Act Review
    • Type: .pdf
    • Size: 415965
    February 2014: Home Care Ontario supports the work of the Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) and believes that now is not the time for structural reform. Legislative enhancements are offered to strengthen the ability of the LHINs to improve the service to Ontarians.
  • 2014 Pre-Budget Submission
    • Type: .pdf
    • Size: 324343
    Jan 22, 2014: Valuing Home Care Workers and Family Caregivers Home Care Ontario calls for investment in home care workers and family caregivers as a key plank in the 2014 Budget.
  • Submission to the Standing Committee on General Government
    • Type: .pdf
    • Size: 205728
    November 2013: Recommendations on Bill 21, The Caregiver Leave Act in Ontario
  • Submission to MOHLTC Consultations
    • Type: .pdf
    • Size: 162997
    February 2013: Submission by Home Care Ontario regarding the Proposed Amendments to Regulation- 386/99 under the Home Care and Community Services Act, 1994 relating to the Provision of Personal Support Services by Approved Agencies.
  • Proposal to increase the PSW minimum wage
    • Type: .pdf
    • Size: 135502
    February 2013: In order to support the transformation of the health system in Ontario to one that is based on care in the community, the government should increase the compensation framework to reflect the value placed on sector.
  • Submission to Dr. Sinha, Lead, Seniors Care Strategy
    • Type: .pdf
    • Size: 310529
    July 2012 - The landscape in Ontario is changing and health care policies need to keep pace. The shift in focus is from caring “for" seniors to caring “about" seniors. Healthcare delivery, albeit a significant component of senior friendly policies, is just one part of the solution. Nevertheless, the Seniors Care Strategy provides an important opportunity to continue the transformation of the health system concretizing the government’s goal “to make Ontario the healthiest place in North America to grow up and grow old”.
  • Submission to the Drummond Commission
    • Type: .pdf
    • Size: 653750
    October 2011 - The Commission has the opportunity to make care at home easily accessible and a service priority for all Ontarians.
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