Position Papers & Statements

  • Bill 148 Misalignment with Patients First
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    • Size: 275352
    July 2017 Home Care Ontario's Submission to the Standing Committee regarding Bill 148 - Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017.
  • Optimizing Nursing in Ontario's Renewed Home Care System
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    • Size: 492793
    July 2017: The Home Care Ontario/OCSA Nursing Practice Council's publication highlights the way s in which the contribution of the frontline home care nurse can be optimized to align with the vision of the Patients First Strategy.
  • Dementia and Home Care - Advice on Ontario's Dementia Strategy
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    • Size: 574768
    March 2017: The Association’s members are witness to the toll that dementia places on individuals, families and friends in their homes. As partners in care responsible for the patient’s experience, Home Care Ontario members share insights and offer recommendations.
  • Bringing Home Care into Ontario's Technology Strategy
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    • Size: 1028546
    October 2016: The paper provides advice on the requirements for an integrated technology solution that makes it easier for patients and their families to receive care at home. See Infographic
  • Capacity Planning - The Home Care Perspective
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    • Size: 289459
    April 8, 2016: Recommendations as to the many ways in which a robust home care can effectively enhance the capacity of the broader health care system and how the home care system can be enhanced to the benefit of all Ontarians.
  • Physiotherapist Assistants in Home Care
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    • Size: 1855704
    June 25, 2016: The objective of this resource is to provide members of Home Care Ontario and the Ontario Physiotherapy Association (OPA) with tools to assist them in the successful implementation of physiotherapist assistant (PTA) roles in home care.
  • Special Needs Strategy in Ontario – A Case for Frontline Services Provider Organizations’ Participation
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    • Size: 208607
    October 21, 2015: Home Care Ontario makes the case for SPOs to bring their knowledge, experience and expertise to the process of determining how School Health Services are organized and delivered as part of Ontario’s Special Needs Strategy.
  • Self-Directed Care: Balancing Individual Autonomy and Value Based Home Care
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    • Size: 109399
    August 2015: SPOs believe that the home care system can continue to improve as patients and their families are provided with their choice of provider.
  • Family Caregivers-The essential ingredient to successful health care transformation
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    • Size: 134301
    July 7, 2015: This paper highlights the importance of family caregivers to home based care and offers recommendations to better support families with the often demanding challenges of caregiving.
  • Enabling Palliative Care at Home
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    • Size: 160485
    June 29, 2015: This paper discusses the importance of shifting the paradigm to home and addressing key challenges to successful palliative care at home.
  • Supporting Ontario’s Special Needs Strategy for Children & Youth
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    • Size: 152132
    March 26, 2015: Recommendations from Home Care Ontario to support programs and services for children that are accessible, equitable, comprehensive and coordinated and of the highest caliber.
  • Protecting Seniors at Home
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    • Size: 120523
    December 2014: This paper highlights the important reasons for retaining care from a reputable service provider organization and identifies the need for government to introduce protective policy measures.
  • Bill 8, Public Sector and MPP Accountability and Transparency Act, 2014
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    • Size: 178030
    October 2014: The Association takes the position that no provider should be disadvantage by tax status which is the potential outcome of Bill 8.
  • Private Home Care - A Vital Component of the Health Care Continuum in Ontario
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    • Size: 285359
    October 2013 - Describes how the purchase of private home care services is an important option for families - a revision of the paper first released in 2011.
  • The Time for Home Care Investment is Now
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    • Size: 94656
    May 2013: The demographic certainty of the aging population necessitates greater home­‐based care.
  • Proposal to increase the PSW minimum wage
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    • Size: 135502
    February 2013: A case for increasing PSW compensation despite fiscal restraint measures.
  • Home Care in Ontario - Building on Successes for the Future
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    • Size: 300608
    January 2012: The true meaning of health reform is embodied in the shift from facility-based care to home and community-based care. The pressures to increase funding and shift policy toward home care are converging such that there is an urgent need to sustain the gains and commit to renewed efforts and strategies.
  • The Future is Now - Bring Health Care Home
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    • Size: 536419
    September 2011 - Now more than ever, home care is acknowledged as a vital part of the health care system in Ontario. Home care is critical to supporting individual health needs, improving the health of the population and contributing to the sustainability of the broader health system. In the future home care is no longer a discretionary service. The future is now.
  • Home Care is the Future - Supporting Seniors to Remain at Home
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    • Size: 510925
    August 2011 - The strategy for the seniors of Ontario requires targeted funding for appropriate home care interventions. By purchasing more direct clinical service, more ALC patients can return to the community and those frail seniors that have not been hospitalized but are at elevated risk can be supported in order to avoid a crisis. For the overwhelming majority who prefer to remain in their community, home care service is more desirable, cost effective and health effective. By ‘tipping the balance’ to the home and community care sector the sustainability of the whole health system will be more readily achieved and Ontarians will confidently receive “the right care at the right time in the right place”.
  • Response to Rural and Northern Health Care Framework/Plan, Stage 1 Report
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    • Size: 510531
    March 2011: Commentary calls for the recommendations and messages regarding the need to provide care ‘closer to home’ in the Panel report to be significantly strengthened to expressly mention and include the provision of formal home care services and address the key role of the Community Care Access Centres (CCAC) in the care continuum.
  • Choosing Excellence-Choosing Home Care
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    • Size: 281648
    November 2010: Providing quality health care is a fundamental principle on which the government of Ontario bases health care policy development.
  • Why Choose a Quality Home Care Organization
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    • Size: 178821
    September 2010 - Describes the risks that can be mitigated by choosing to retain a Service Provider Organization to deliver home care services.
  • Achieving Value in Home Care through the Interdisciplinary Team
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    • Size: 171947
    May 2010: Providing the full array of home care services, including access to case management, family physicians, nursing, therapies, community pharmacists and personal support is essential to support good health outcomes.
  • Today's Home Care - Contributing to the Health of Ontario
    • Type: .pdf
    • Size: 434790
    April 2010 - Today, the home care system is achieving excellence and contributing to the health and independence of the population through continuous improvement, innovation and best practice.
  • Creating an Ontario Home Care Rebate to Prevent Additional Costs to the Frail and Vulnerable
    • Type: .pdf
    • Size: 224589
    November 2009: A recommendation that the Ontario government announce a rebate on exempt and taxable home care services.
  • Creating an Age Friendly Ontario
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    • Size: 199503
    November 2007 Seminal document addressing the issues impacting the ability of at-risk seniors to remain at home.
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